Township Codes and Ordinances
  • Review and issue grading/drainage permits for both public and private projects
  • Prepare grant applications for Community Development and Department of Transportation projects
  • Oversee Township infrastructure projects (ie. drainage improvements, road improvements, etc.)
  • Consult with Department of Public Works regarding routine repair and maintenance of Township infrastructure
  • Provide consultation to residents regarding site grading and stormwater management
Engineers also serve as the Administrative Officers to Township Planning Board. Both the Engineer and Assistant Engineer are the Township representatives to the Community Development organization

Engineering Projects: Spring and Summer (2017)

Great Hills Road: May 3rd

On or about May 3, 2017 the Township will begin the final phase of the Great Hills Road Improvement project that was started last summer. Great Hills Rd. will be milled and repaved between Tall Pine Ln. and White Oak Ridge Rd. ADA curb ramps have already been installed. Milling the road will take approximately 2 days and is scheduled for Thursday May 4 and Friday May 5.  During the milling operation local traffic will be permitted to drive on the road surface and Police Officers will be onsite for the safety of residents as well as the workers.  The paving operation will be done on Saturday May 6 and traffic will be restricted with no travel permitted at that time.  

Municipal Lot 5 (adjacent to Town Hall): August 2017

The repaving and re-stripping of Lot 5 will take place this August. Construction will last approximately 2-3 days.

Main Street Milling and Repaving: July 2017

Main St. will be milled and repaved from Millburn Ave. to the Springfield border. ADA curb ramps will also be installed prior to the milling and paving. Installation of the curb ramps will last about 3 weeks. The milling and paving will last about 2 weeks. Construction is estimated to begin in July.

Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) Study: May 2017

The Township has contracted with Hazen and Sawyer Engineers to conduct an Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) Study. Flow and groundwater monitoring took place during the month of March. Data analysis of the monitoring will be conducted during the month of April. It is anticipated that smoke testing will begin in certain areas of the Township in May. These areas will be determined after the data is analyzed. Once the testing areas are determined, home owners will be notified via mail as to the exact date(s) to which the test will begin, as well as an anticipated end date. Detailed information regarding smoke testing will also be included. Crews on behalf of Hazen and Sawyer will be present when the smoke testing is conducted, including the designated areas.

More information on each of these projects will be posted as it becomes available.

Millburn Township Engineering Projects- Summer 2017