Tax Collector

Real Estate Taxes
The Township of Millburn mails out 2 real estate tax bills per year. The estimated 3rd quarter tax bills are mailed mid-June and are due August 1. Upon receipt of the certified tax rate from Essex County, the final tax bills are mailed out mid-September and contain the payments due for November of the current year and the estimated first half of the following year, February 1, and May 1.

Payment Due Dates
The payments are due quarterly as noted:
Quarter Due Date
1st quarter
February 1
2nd quarter
May 1
3rd quarter
August 1
4th quarter
November 1

Late Fees

Millburn Township has a 7 day grace period. All payments received in the tax office after the 7th of the quarter will be subject to interest rates of 8% on the first $1,500 and 18% on balances over that. A 6% year end penalty is assessed on parcels whose balance exceed $10,000 at year end. This payment rolls forward at a rate of 18% as well.

Notice Information
Postmarks are not accepted. Allow ample time when mailing payments as there have been delays with the Postal Service. Post dated checks are not accepted and will be returned. All payments shall be deposited within 48 hours pursuant to State Statute.

Please note the P.O. Box 1034 will be discontinued effective January 1, 2015. All payments must be mailed to 375 Millburn Ave as noted on your tax bill.

Tax Sale
Pursuant to State Statute, the Township conducts a Tax Sale annually for all prior year unpaid balances. The tax sale is noticed for 4 consecutive weeks prior to the week of sale in the item of Millburn / Short Hill and posted in 5 public places.
Sewer Fees
A sewer usage fee is billed annually and due April 1st with a 7 day grace period. Sewer charges can now be paid online through the homepage by clicking "Pay Bill Online."

The Township of Millburn bills an annual sewer usage fee. This fee is a flat rate and is due every year on April 1. There is a 7 day grace period on the sewer fee. All payments received after April 7 will be subject to interest. All unpaid prior year balances are subject to tax sale in the current year.

Special Improvement District
The Township of Millburn has a Special Improvement District tax billed to business properties within the Downtown Business District. This bill is mailed annually with payments due on March 1st and September 1st.

Parking Permits
In order to park in the permit areas in the various municipal lots, off-street parking permits are required for residents and businesses located in Millburn Township. All applications should be sent to the Tax Collector's office located in Town Hall. For more information please visit the Parking sub-page of this website.