Cultural Engagement Diversity and Arts Committee


Meetings are held at least once per quarter through the end of the year.


The board shall consist of 7 or more Millburn Township residents, appointed by the Mayor with advice and consent of the Township Committee to serve until December 31, 2019.


Millburn Township is a community comprised of people with a wide variety of faiths, philosophies and backgrounds hoping to become stronger and more cohesive by embracing and celebrating its diversity. 

The Cultural Engagement Diversity and Arts Committee (CEDA) will share the rich background of our community and serve as a resource for various diversity-based needs within the township. CEDA will also assist local organizations in highlighting programs that recognize and showcase culture and art present in Millburn Township, as well as overseeing requests for visual art placement in the community.

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Millwheels Rolling Into Millburn

CEDA invites all local groups and organizations in Millburn Township to participate in its inclusive community engagement art project celebrating the township’s mill town past and its vibrant present. “Millwheels Rolling into Millburn” provides interested groups and organizations the opportunity to participate in a unique public art project utilizing art to express our culturally diverse community.

Interested organizations are invited to submit a design concept proposal for a 35” wooden millwheel through Friday, May 24. Please download the below agreement and submit to on or before May 24. Additional information is available in the agreement packet.

Completed millwheels will be on display at the official unveiling celebration in Taylor Park on Saturday, September 7, before moving to their final destinations throughout Millburn.

Millwheels Rolling Into Millburn Agreement and Application

Millwheels Rolling Into Millburn Kickoff Event, April 7

How to Decorate your Millwheel

Millwheel application suggestion:

  • Apply 2-3 coats of primer over entire millwheel and base.
  • Use Mod Podge to decoupage or glue pictures onto millwheel
  • First put Mod Podge on back of picture or Pellon 910
  • Then put Mod Podge on wheel where the picture or Pellon 910 will be placed.
  • Then stick picture or Pellon910 onto millwheel
  • When millwheel is completely dry, Mod podge entire design to seal it.

Recommended products:

  • White latex primer flat (Zinnser123 water-based flat recommended)
  • Can use acrylic paint (Golden or Luiqitex recommended)
  • Paint markers (Sharpie recommended)