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Posted on: February 5, 2018

Master Plan Update from the Planning Board

Under state law, the Millburn Planning Board is required to conduct a reexamination of the Master Plan every ten years, and 2018 is a year in which a reexamination must be completed. To that end, the Planning Board will be setting aside time on its meeting agenda to solicit comment from the public on the goals and objectives and the various “elements” of the Master Plan. Also this year, the Township Committee is proposing that the Planning Board amend the Master Plan to include a Housing Plan element which, among other things, is designed to achieve the goal of access to affordable housing to meet present, gap period (1999-2015), and prospective housing needs. The Planning Board meeting on February 7, will, at the end of that meeting, include a presentation to the Planning Board, by the Planning Board Attorney and the Planner of the history of affordable housing in New Jersey and the current state of the law. It is anticipated that the February 7 meeting will not invite public comment on that presentation due to lack of time.

The Planning Board meeting on February 28 will be devoted to the Master Plan in general and the Housing Plan element in particular. The meeting will include an in-depth presentation of the proposed Housing Plan element by the Planner and the Planning Board attorney. Public comment will be welcome at the conclusion, time permitting. If appropriate, time will be set aside at following meetings specifically for discussion of the proposed Housing Plan element with an objective of reaching a decision on the amendment at a public hearing not later than March 21. Discussion in general of the Master Plan reexamination will be ongoing.

The Master Plan has been subject to reexamination and amendment since its original adoption in June, 1985. The original Master Plan and the various reviews, amendments, and updates are available on the Planning Board section of the municipal web site.

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