What is the status of the Complete Streets project?
The Complete Streets project is currently in the first phase of construction, which began in early July of 2016. The Township completed the Main Street roadway in early September, re-opening the street to traffic prior to the start of school as promised. Work continues on the roadway, curbs and sidewalks moving east down Millburn Avenue, and the finish detailing of intersection corners and streetscape design elements is now being done.
As has been the plan since the early stages of pre-construction planning, the Township will balance the progress of construction with the interests of the downtown merchants during the holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Year’s). As such, the first three weeks of November will be focused on completing the phase one work on Millburn Avenue from Spring Street to Main Street and ensuring that the roadways are free of construction equipment and fully accessible throughout the holidays. In addition, the Township has instituted free parking in all of downtown from October 29th until December 31st to encourage shoppers to come downtown to our stores. Parallel parking has been re-opened on both sides of Millburn Avenue from the entrance of Lot 5 to Main Street.
The Township is highly sensitive to the fact that the construction is a nuisance to our residents and a disruption to our merchants. There is no way to implement the project without doing the work, and there is no “good” time to do construction, but the Township is taking every possible step to minimize the disruption and complete the work as quickly as possible. In moving to phase two, the Township will maximize the amount of work that is performed during the summer months, when activity in town is at its lowest level. The Township will also take all necessary steps to ensure that work is done in a manner that minimizes the inconvenience to the stores when they are effected by work. Additionally, certain lead time items like bollards will be pre-ordered by the Township to expedite the installation of finish items. The Township regularly reassesses the schedule to find ways to minimize disruption and accelerate the work in areas that directly impact businesses.
As indicated publicly many months ago, the Complete Streets project will be completed in late spring of 2018. We’re under construction and making good progress. Construction is never easy, but it’s a temporary disruption. The finished product will greatly benefit our residents and downtown businesses in the long term.

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