What is reverse angle parking?
Reverse angle parking provides a greater number of spaces than parallel parking and is a safer means of parking. The movement to enter a reverse angle space is the exact same initial movement required for a three movement parallel parking maneuver, but requires only the first movement. Reverse angle parking is safer because it allows for a shorter and simpler movement to enter the space, it allows for trunk loading and unloading directly to the sidewalk and away from oncoming traffic, it directs passengers (particularly children) to the sidewalk when the vehicle doors are open, and it allows for an easier exit into the roadway when exiting the space. The reverse angle spaces designed into the Complete Streets project are significantly wider than a typical space, allowing for easier movement into the space when parking.

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1. What is Complete Streets?
2. Why do we need Complete Streets?
3. What are the objectives of the Millburn Complete Streets initiative?
4. What are the key features of Complete Streets?
5. What were the steps taken to implement Complete Streets?
6. What is the status of the Complete Streets project?
7. What benefits have we already seen from Complete Streets?
8. Will there be more parking when Complete Streets is completed?
9. Will there be parallel parking downtown when Complete Streets is done?
10. What is reverse angle parking?
11. Why did we engineer the corner turns to be slightly tighter with the new Complete Streets design?
12. Has the design been engineered to ensure that trucks and emergency vehicles can make all of the required turning movements?
13. Have the trees been eliminated from Millburn Avenue or elsewhere in the downtown?
14. What separates the parallel parking spaces from the sidewalk when Complete Streets is completed?
15. Will there be parking meters downtown when Complete Streets is completed?
16. Who is responsible for shoveling the sidewalk in front on my property?
17. Where should snow be placed when shoveling?
18. Is there a particular ice melt or deicer that should be used on the concrete sidewalks and granite areas?
19. Who will remove snow from the flexible (concrete) parking spaces?
20. Who will plow Millburn Avenue?
21. What work has been done since the start of the project?