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Last Updated on 28 March 2014

Single Stream Recycling


The Public Works Department is excited to present single stream recycling to Millburn and Short Hills. Single Stream recycling simply means you can put out for collection all recyclable materials on the same day in the same container or separated and it will all be picked up. Your pick up day will remain the same as it is now. All other rules will remain the same as far as weight of containers, etc. This new collection will start June 2nd, 2008.   An advantage of single stream is it will take the guess work out of what is collected on what day. Also, any one material won’t have to be stockpiled for two weeks before it is collected.

Recycling Materials Accepted Curbside (Single Stream):     

2012-2014 DPW Pamphlet

•Clear, brown or green glass,

•1-7 plastics,

•tin bi-metal and aluminum cans,

•aluminum foil and aluminum baking pans.


•brown paper bags

•catalogs, chipboard boxes

•corrugated boxes

•colored paper

•computer printout

•high grade paper

•junk mail


•holiday gift wrap