Shade Tree Advisory Board

Regular Meetings

Meetings are held 4 times per year during office hours.


The Board shall consist of 5 members appointed by the Mayor and with advice and consent of the Township Committee for 3 year terms.
  • Barbara Kernan Ciavarella 
  • Karen Gaylord
  • W. MacDonald Snow
  • Lezette Proud
  • Lisa Boldt
  • Dianne Eglow, Liaison
  • Thomas Doty, Forester


The Millburn Township Shade Tree Advisory Board (STAB) assist and advise the Township Committee, the Superintendent of Public Works and the Township Forester with respect to the planting, care and control of trees and shrubbery in public places owned by the Township. It consists of 5 persons appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Township Committee.

Shade Tree Documents