Art Advisory Committee


Meetings are held when necessary.


The Committee shall consist of 3 or more volunteers appointed by the Mayor to serve until the end of the year in which appointed. The Committee may be assisted by such volunteer advisors as the Committee may consider helpful. Meetings are held when necessary
  • Laraine Barach, Chair
  • Andrew W. Permison
  • Judith Kramer
  • Orna Greenberg
  • Amy McGovern
  • Oscar Peterson
  • Victoria Plummer
  • Maren Less
  • Donna Davis 
  • Kathi Hecht
  • Michelle SanFillipo, Advisor


The Art Advisory Committee was formed to advise and assist the Township Committee in developing and maintaining the Township’s art collection, to include the following functions:
  • Appraisal / insurance
  • Collections
  • Display
  • Disposition
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Storage

Additional Information

For more information, please visit the Millburn-Short Hills Art Advisory Committee blog.
An intricate sculpture of books and letters made out of copper