Senior Citizen Advisory Board


Meetings are held four times per year during office hours.


Members are appointed by the Mayor for a one year term. The Chairperson is appointed by the Mayor with the Board’s approval.

  • Ellen Prach, Chairperson
  • Judith Fredman
  • Judith Kramer
  • Mary Ann Moore
  • Robert Vorsanger
  • Suzanne Zimmer
  • Annette Romano
  • E. Betty Levin
  • Ellen Steinberg
  • Michael Solomon, MD
  • Anthony Wolk
  • Jodi Rosenberg, Liaison
  • Jaimee Hawkins, Senior Citizens Coordinator
  • Kacie Schmidt L.C.S.W., Human Services and Welfare Coordinator   


(Resolution adopted 12/1/98)
The Senior Citizen Advisory Board was formed to serve the senior population of the township. It shall act in an advisory capacity to the Mayor. The responsibilities of the Advisory Board are to provide information to the public on the aspects of aging, to identify the needs of seniors, to explore the appropriate solutions and to develop and coordinate resources.