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The Millburn Township Green Team was established to achieve and maintain Millburn as a recognized sustainability leader in the State of New Jersey pursuant to the guidelines set forth by Sustainable Jersey. 

The Green Team’s mission is to promote a sustainable community that fosters long-term environmental, personal and economic health for residents, businesses and government. This is accomplished through outreach and education, and recommending and initiating practices and programs.

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2021 Green Team Meeting Dates

All Meetings will begin at 7:00 p.m. on the Monday evenings listed. Please use the below Zoom link to join these meetings.


Zoom Meeting Information

Millburn Township Recycles

Polystyrene Collection Bin at the Department of Public Works Yard

Bring all clean, dry and white polystyrene to the collection bin. Please do not deposit peanuts, egg cartons or any food related foam product into the bin. Do not place polystyrene in your curbside single stream recycling as it will not be recycled.

Plastic Bag & Film Recycling

All materials listed in the Plastic Bag and Film Recycling (PDF) may be brought to retail store collection bins such as Target, Shop Rite, Best Buy, Staples. Do not place plastic bags or plastic film in your curbside single stream recycling as it will not be recycled. All bags must be clean and dry.

Other Recycling Ideas

  • Home Depot - CFL Light Bulbs, plastic bags
  • Whole Foods - Brita Filters, Cell Phones
  • Target - Plastic Film, MP3 players, Cell Phones, Ink Cartridges
  • Staples - Ink Cartridges, Plastic Bags
  • New Eyes for the Needy - Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Hearing Aids, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware

*At locations collecting plastic bags, you may also deposit clean and dry plastic film, dry cleaning bags, cereal bag liners, and Ziploc bags.

New Jersey Idling Restrictions

Green Team Collaboration

The Millburn Township Green Team is working in collaboration with the Green Teams of Maplewood and South Orange on a number of sustainability endeavors for the benefit of all 3 communities. Sustainable Jersey’s 2016 Collaboration Award was presented to these 3 Green Teams in recognition of their joint community efforts.

The Millburn Township Green Team participated in an innovative program to reduce plastic and Styrofoam consumption by putting sustainable take-out packaging options into the hands of local restaurants. A collaborative event, involving restaurants in Millburn, Maplewood and South Orange, took place in January 2019. Funds were provided via a grant from PSE&G thru Sustainable Jersey to purchase the eco-friendly packaging. The restaurants were supplied with sustainable take-out packaging and reusable tote bags to reduce the number of disposable plastic take-out containers and plastic bags in the municipal.

Single Use Plastics Ordinance

Composting 101

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