Veterans Memorial Path

By: Peter Nascone – Eagle Scout Project


The Veterans Memorial Path was established by the Township in 2004. Covering a span of 4.5 miles the Veterans Memorial Path includes 17 points of interest. Various plaques, monuments, signs and flags pay remembrance to veterans from the American Revolution, World Ward II, and the Vietnam War.

Why I Selected the Veterans Memorial Path:

While I was working on another Scout's Eagle Project at the Parsil Family Cemetery on White Oak Ridge Rd, I noticed the American Flag on the Veterans Memorial Path sign was significantly faded. Gaining interest in the information regarding the Path and realizing the signs were dated, I thought to myself that restoring the signs would be a great Eagle Scout Project.

Looking to find out more about the Veterans Memorial Path I spoke with Mrs. Lynne Ranieri of the Historical Museum and visited the 17 memorial sites throughout the Township. After my visits to the sites I saw that all the signs had faded images of the flags, and that some of the signs were damaged or missing altogether.

By selecting to restore the signs, I made one of my goals to raise awareness of our town's many historic sites. To start the process of raising awareness, I will refresh the existing signs with new American Flag stickers and replace seven of the 17 signs that are no longer in place by working with the Township Public Works Department. I will also be adding a “QR Code” to each sign that would enable any Smartphone user to scan the code and link back to information hosted on the Millburn Township Website about the Path. In additional to the signs and getting the information on the Township website, I am printing new brochures and distributing them to the Millburn Library and Town Hall customer service information areas.

Why You Should Visit:

Millburn has a rich historic history that residents and surrounding communities should be aware of. Visitors can enjoy a walk back through time by visiting the many historic sites along the Veterans Memorial Path.

Whether you are visiting for the first time or are a frequent visitor there is always something new you can learn! The Path begins at the Millburn Free Public Library with a Veterans’ Memorial that is in the lobby and ends with the Revolution War Cemetery at the Parsil Family Cemetery on White Oak Ridge Road.

Map of the Veterans Memorial Path

Veterans Memorial Path Page 1

Veterans Memorial Path Page 2

View a copy of the Veterans Memorial Path Map (PDF)

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