Emergency Communications Information

Swift911 Emergency Alerts

Swift911 login pageMillburn Township utilizes Swift911, also called SwiftReach, for emergency alerts. Residents can register for Swift911 using the following link Swift911 Portal.

Swift911 is free and allows users to subscribe to the alerts/emergency messages they would like to receive from our community. Subscription categories will include the following: severe weather advisory, animal alerts, road closures, utility disruptions, emergency management messages, township events and senior events.

Registering for alerts is simple. Residents can sign up via a portal on Millburn’s website, or download the Swift911 Public App. To download the app, text SWIFT911 to 99538.

All resident are encouraged to register! We can only alert you of an emergency if we have your correct contact information. Call 973-564-7043 with any questions.

Residents who do not have an email account may return the form below to Millburn Fire Department, 459 Essex Street, Attention Swift911: Swift911 Paper Sign Up (PDF)

Smart911 Safety Profile

Smart911 is a service that provides critical information on 911 callers to first responders that citizens may be unable to share in the event of an emergency. Interested residents may register at the following link: Smart 911 Registration

Over 80% of call made to a 911 system come from cellular phones.  When you dial 911 from a mobile phone, the 911 call takers have very little information to help you – only a phone number and a very general sense of location. With Smart911, you can provide 911 call takers and first responders with critical information you might want them to know in any kind of emergency.

When you call 911, your Smart911 Safety Profile displays on the 911 screen and the 911 call takers can view your addresses, medical information, home information, other family members, a description of pets and vehicles, and emergency contacts. You can provide as much or as little information as you like and modify it at any time.

Smart911, meaning that a Safety Profile travels with you and is visible to any participating 911 center nationwide.

The service is free, private and secure. Millburn Township Public Safety Officials ask residents to create Safety Profile today to assist our local first responders.