Emergency Communications Information

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Millburn Township utilizes MillburnAlert, powered by Smart911, also called Rave Alert, for emergency alerts. Residents, business owners and visitors should register for MillburnAlert using the following link: MillburnAlert Portal.

MillburnAlert is a free service that allows individuals to receive alerts and emergency notifications via text message, email, and voice message from the Township to stay informed on potentially hazardous situations involving weather, traffic and other emergencies, as well as Township news and events. Subscription categories include the following: Severe Weather Advisory, Road Closures, Utility Disruptions, Emergency Management Messaging, Township Events, Tax Reminders, Senior Citizens Events and more. 

The MillburnAlert system will replace Swift911 on April 15, 2022. 

Individuals who were previously signed up for Swift911 will be automatically enrolled in MillburnAlert and do not need to sign up again, but are encouraged to review and update their information in the new platform to ensure accuracy. Click here to log in to your account and make updates.

Sign up to receive emergency notifications here.

All resident are encouraged to register! We can only alert you of an emergency if we have your correct contact information. Call 973-564-7054 with any questions.