Micro Paving

Micro Paving is a process that involves sealing low to medium-volume roadways with a layer of tough asphalt that extends the life of the pavement. This preventive maintenance process refreshes worn surfaces, seals minor cracks in the pavement and protects roadways from further damage. 

In 2019, the Department of Public Works plans to micro pave over 53,000 square yards of roadway within the Township. 

Planned Work

  • Tall Pine Lane: 2,887 square yards
  • Clive Hills Road: 3,900 square yards
  • Rippling Brook Drive: 3,330 square yards
  • Taylor Road South (from Dogwood to Chatham): 2,469 square yards
  • Moraine Place (from Western to Minnisink): 2,046 square yards
  • South Mountain Road (from Island to Mountainview): 5,822 square yards
  • Lower Chestnut Street: 742 square yards
  • Lower Cedar Street: 2,121 square yards
  • Glen Avenue (from Brookside to Old Short Hills Road): 5,532 square yards
  • Farley Road: 7,548 square yards
  • Seminole Way: 6,813 square yards
  • Great Oak Drive: 7,727 square yards
  • Birch Lane (from Island to Adams): 2,682square yards