Downtown Area Vision Plan

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The Downtown Area Vision Plan process conducted by Perkins Eastman is now complete.  Perkins Eastman presented their final findings to the Township Committee and public at the March 23, 2021 Township Committee meeting.  The entire process was a wonderful example of community engagement that will help guide the Township as it moves forward with important initiatives to revitalize and reimagine the Downtown area.   The final report Downtown Area Vision Plan report can be viewed here:

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FINAL Downtown Area Vision Plan (PDF)

Now that the visioning process has come to a close, it is important that work begin on how best to implement elements of the plan that will require additional processes, engagement and potential study. With much work ahead of the Township, it was decided to breakdown the more complex elements of the visioning plan into three (3) subgroups:

Each of these groups will utilize existing members of the Downtown Area Vision Plan Steering Committee and Township Committee members to help facilitate a strong, meaningful and successful path forward in these areas of focus.   

There is a lot of exciting and important work to be done while keeping the public informed and engaged throughout! Please check back to these subgroup pages for additional updates.


Please direct questions regarding the Downtown Area Vision Plan to

Downtown Area Vision Plan Documents

Background Information

Steering Committee Members

Members listed below have been approved by the Township Committee.

  • Beth Zall - Planning Board Chair
  • Priya Patel - Environmental Commission Chair
  • Gaston Haupert - PTOC Safety Chair and Pedestrian Safety Advisory Board Member
  • Alex Zaltsman - Board of Education President 
  • Amy Lawrence - Former Member of Public Works Relocation Ad Hoc 
  • Tara Prupis - Mayor, Township Committee Member
  • Richard Wasserman - Township Committee Member
  • Alex McDonald - Township Business Administrator

Steering Committee Updates