Downtown Area Vision Plan

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The Township of Millburn is undertaking a Vision Plan to revitalize and re-envision its Downtown Business district.  The plan will look to build upon and leverage Millburn’s history, natural resources, anchors, community institutions and organizations, and other unique qualities. The Vision Plan will provide a strategy for how Millburn’s Downtown can support its existing retail base and better position itself for future growth and long-term sustainability, and it is anticipated to serve as a foundation for future implementation.

All interested residents, property owners and other stakeholders are encouraged to attend and share their thoughts on the vision, goals and objectives for Millburn’s Downtown. There is also an online survey and brainstorming tool to help gather ideas for the Township to consider.  There will be another public survey and a second virtual workshop in late fall/early winter to present initial concepts as they are developed.

The plan is being led by a multidisciplinary team of designers, planners, and retail experts consisting of Perkins Eastman, BFJ Planning and Streetsense.


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Public Engagement

The Township’s goal is for the plan to be informed by a wide range of viewpoints while respecting the need to be respectful of social distancing protocols. As such, the Township will be sponsoring two virtual public workshops, two online surveys, and targeted meetings with stakeholders.

Coming Up:

  • Second Public Survey (JANUARY)
    Second Public Information Session (FEBRUARY)
    Small Group Opportunities with the Downtown Area Vision Plan Steering Committee (JANUARY and FEBRUARY)

Downtown Area Vision Plan Documents

Background Information

Steering Committee Members

Members listed below have been approved by the Township Committee.

  • Beth Zall - Planning Board Chair
  • Priya Patel - Environmental Commission Chair
  • Gaston Haupert - PTOC Safety Chair and Pedestrian Safety Advisory Board Member
  • Alex Zaltsman - Board of Education President 
  • Amy Lawrence - Former Member of Public Works Relocation Ad Hoc 
  • Tara Prupis - Mayor, Township Committee Member
  • Richard Wasserman - Township Committee Member
  • Alex McDonald - Township Business Administrator

Steering Committee Updates