Proposed Downtown Vision Plan


At the February 18, 2020 Township Committee meeting, Paul Phillips, Township Planner, and Deputy Mayor Prupis presented the idea of Downtown Area Vision Plan. It was unanimously agreed upon by the Township Committee at that time to create subcommittee to steer the Downtown Area Vision Plan process until such time as a recommendation could be made to the full Committee. This subcommittee consisted of; Deputy Mayor Prupis, Committeeman Wasserman, Alexander McDonald, Paul Phillips (Township Planner) and Joe Maraziti (Township Attorney).

Relevant Documents

Steering Committee Members

Members listed below have been approved by the Township Committee.

  • Beth Zall – Planning Board Chair
  • Priya Patel – Environmental Commission Chair
  • Gaston Haupert – PTOC Safety Chair and Pedestrian Safety Advisory Board Member
  • Alex Zaltsman, Board of Education President 
  • Amy Lawrence, Former Member of Public Works Relocation Ad Hoc 
  • Committeewoman Tara Prupis – Township Committee Member
  • Committeeman Richard Wasserman – Township Committee Member
  • Alex McDonald – Township Business Administrator


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