Food Waste Recycling Program

The Township of Millburn and Millburn Environmental Commission are pleased to announce we are continuing our Food Waste Recycling program.

The program began as a pilot in February 2021 with 50 households. The Township is looking to grow this number to 110 households in this next cycle. Working with Java's Compost, based in West Orange, participants bring their food waste to the Millburn Town Yard, located behind the Department of Public Works building, where it is collected weekly and brought to a composting site in Andover, NJ. Participants are enrolled after viewing a Zoom training session, completing a brief quiz, and submitting an annual $60 registration fee. Once enrolled, participants receive a 5-gallon pail and a set of compostable bags.

Applicants interested in joining the program can reach out to the Recycling Coordinator.  

Please note that any residents already working with Java’s Compost will be ineligible for the program.


For any questions, please contact the Recycling Coordinator.