Taylor Park Gateway Subcommittee


The Taylor Park Gateway Subcommittee will explore the current downtown gateway to Taylor Park, located on Millburn Avenue.  

Background Information

Taylor Park’s close proximity to the downtown business district provides a unique opportunity to invite visitors and residents alike to this vibrant green space.  The subcommittee will initially look at the aesthetic appearance of the Millburn Avenue entrance to Taylor Park, while incorporating suggestions and ideas from the Downtown Area Vision Plan process.


This subcommittee consists of current members of the Downtown Area Vision Plan Steering Committee, the Township Committee and other community representatives, including:

  • Tara Prupis - Mayor, Township Committee Member
  • Dianne Thall-Eglow - Township Committee Member 
  • Priya Patel - Environmental Commission Chair
  • Mike Stotts - Paper Mill Playhouse Managing Director 
  • Mark Robison - Chair, Millburn Creative Collective