Sign Ordinance Subcommittee

Sign Ordinance Subcommittee 


A group of dedicated volunteers has agreed to assist the Township in working on section 609.10 of the Township's Zoning Code that specifically addresses "Street Graphics".   The sign ordinance of the Township has seen some recent revisions, but requires further inspection and edits.  


The purpose of the Sign Ordinance Subcommittee is to review and address the Township's current zoning governing signs and street graphics.  The goal of this subcommittee is to provide a draft ordinance to the Township Committee that reflects the Township's desired aesthetic, is user friendly, illustrative and provides clear guidelines for our merchants, property owners and residents.  


Tara Prupis - Mayor
Maggee Miggins - Township Committee Member
Daniel Baer - Planning Board Member
Andy Vo - Merchant
Alison Canfield - Historic Preservation Commission Chair
Mary McNett - Historical Society Member
James Weill - Local Architect
Ileana Katz-Novoa - Local Architect
Eileen Davitt - Township Zoning Officer
Jesse Moehlman - Assistant Business Administrator