PSE&G Restoration Information

Ida’s Impact to Your Natural Gas Service in Millburn

Tropical Depression Ida brought devastation throughout the state and many PSE&G customers experienced extreme flooding conditions. These conditions can result in serious safety hazards.  

Our top priority is the safety of our customers, our crews and our communities. PSE&G has been working closely with municipal officials, local first responders and office of emergency management. 

On September 3, PSE&G proactively began turning off gas service to customers with extensive flooding out of safety concerns due to the scope of damage caused by extensive flooding of nearby rivers. Restoring gas service after flooding is a time consuming, multiday process. Some customers may not have gas service for an extended period of time. 

Some customers who did not experience flooding will also have their gas service turned off, out of an abundance of caution and to ensure a safe restoration process. For those customers who did not experience flooding, PSE&G will prioritize your restoration. Please call PSE&G at 1-800-350-7734 to schedule an appointment for gas service to be restored. 

Critical steps to restoring your natural gas service if you experienced significant flood damage: 

  • Your town’s municipal inspector will visit your location and perform an inspection.
    1. Township inspectors will make rounds in some towns. If you have questions about the inspection process, please call township’s municipal office or office of emergency management. 
    2. If your home or business passes inspection, the inspector should notify you and PSE&G that your service is ready to be inspected, repaired or replaced. It is not necessary to call PSE&G for scheduling in this situation.
    3. If your property fails inspection, you must have a qualified contractor make repairs and then be re-inspected by the municipal inspector.
  • If your electric panel was affected by flooding - it must be inspected, repaired, re-inspected and turned on before gas service can be restored.  

Both of these steps must take place before PSE&G crews can turn on your natural gas service. 

PSE&G will not restore natural gas fed appliances that have been exposed to flood water.  

Please keep in mind PSE&G will need clear access to your natural gas meter and gas appliances for close inspection, repair or replacement. If we cannot access the natural gas meter, we will not be able to turn on your natural gas service. 

  • If a gas appliance fails inspection, we will apply a violation tag and disconnect the appliance from the gas piping. Customers are responsible for having equipment repaired or replaced and re-inspected. When your inspection is complete, or repairs have been made, call PSE&G at 1-800-350-7734 to schedule an appointment for appliance connection.  

We appreciate our customers’ patience as we work to safely restore your service as quickly as possible. 

Thank you for your assistance with these efforts. 

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