Why do we need a plastic reduction law in Millburn Township?

Single-use disposable plastics are a major source of litter and pollution in our environment. They do not biodegrade and are extremely difficult to recycle. Our recycling facility does not recycle them. They are most frequently used once for a brief period of time before being discarded. Paper bags are also extremely harmful to the environment due to the amount of energy and water used to produce them, and the energy used to transport them. The law is meant to encourage the use of reusable rather than disposable bags, containers and straws, thereby contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment.

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1. When does the law go into effect?
2. Why do we need a plastic reduction law in Millburn Township?
3. Is the problem really that bad that we needed this law?
4. Why is there a charge for paper bags and reusable bags?
5. What about “biodegradable” or “compostable” plastic bags? Why not use them?
6. Why aren’t paper bags banned?
7. Are any types of plastic bags allowed to be used or sold by retailers?
8. Are retailers prohibited from selling multi-bag packages of sandwich bags, garbage bags or pet waste bags?
9. Am I allowed to use my own bags, including plastic bags, in a store?
10. Aren’t some reusable bags made from plastic?
11. Are reusable bags safe to use? Do they carry germs or bacteria?
12. Can retailers force me to pay for a bag?
13. What will I use if I forget my own bags and do not want to pay a bag fee?
14. How do I remember to take my bags with me?
15. What if I need a straw to drink my beverage?
16. Where can I obtain a copy of Ordinance No. 2547-19?