What precautions are in place in light of COVID-19?
  1. This will be a contactless event. Volunteers assisting with registration will only be checking off numbered participants and making sure that there are no unregistered participants. There will be no in-person registration available.

  2. At the start and finish lines, where social distancing may not be possible, all participants and volunteers will be required to wear masks. We will have masks available for all participants (if needed) and volunteers.

  3. Riders will be able to choose, once on the course and distanced, whether they continue to wear a mask. 

  4. No water will be given out to participants. Riders are required to bring their own water.

  5. There will be no gathering, with the exception of the start where participants will be spaced prior to the ride starting. No spectators are allowed. 

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1. What precautions are in place in light of COVID-19?
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