What if I get lost or go off-route?

Signage will be clearly displayed along the ride routes, and police officers and volunteers will be stationed throughout the courses to assist along the way. Please refer to the course map in the days leading up to the event to familiarize yourself with the route. We also will provide a turn-by-turn street listing of the route prior to event day.

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1. What precautions are in place in light of COVID-19?
2. Will I receive anything after I register for the event?
3. Is there a registration fee?
4. What if it rains?
5. Where does the event start?
6. Where do I park?
7. Are the courses closed?
8. What if I get lost or go off-route?
9. What happens after my ride?
10. Is this a race?
11. Can toddlers with training wheels ride?
12. How do I decide which course to register for?
13. What if I tried to register, but it was closed?
14. What if I want to switch routes after I register?
15. Where can I find more information on safe biking?