What is a Brewpub?

A brew pub, referred to in the A.B.C. law as a Restricted Brewery License, is a manufacturing license that permits the license holder to brew malt alcoholic beverages in quantities not to exceed 3,000 barrels per license term. This license can only be issued to a person or entity that identically owns a Plenary Retail Consumption License which is operated in conjunction with a restaurant regularly and is principally used for the purpose of providing meals to its customers and having kitchen and dining facilities. The restricted brewery licensed premises must be immediately adjoining the retail consumption licensed premises. The holder of this license shall only be entitled to sell or deliver its product to that restaurant premises. The purpose of this type of license is to allow the holder of the license to manufacture product and to sell it at its retail licensed premises. No more than two Restricted Brewery Licenses shall be issued to a person or entity which holds identical interests in two plenary retail consumption licenses, used in conjunction with restaurants, as previously discussed. Since this is a manufacturing license, it will also need certain approval from the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau and from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and may also require additional approval from the municipality in which it is located.

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