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Submit a Calendar Event

  1. The Township of Millburn welcomes residents to submit events and town happenings for consideration in our community calendar. Only events occurring within the Township of Millburn that are sponsored by a non-profit organization will be considered for inclusion at this time. A submission does not guarantee placement in the calendar. Events are subject to the sole discretion of the Township of Millburn.
  2. Is the event happening in Millburn-Short Hills?*
  3. Is the event sponsored by a non-profit or Millburn-Short Hills community organization?*
  4. Please share all pertinent details, including what the event is, who is sponsoring it and any additional information that may be of use to attendees.
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  6. Is this a recurring event?*
  7. How often will this event occur?*
  8. Please provide an e-mail address and/or phone number for residents to contact with questions on the event. This will be public on the calendar.
  9. Please input an e-mail address where a Township Official may reach you for clarification on your event submission. This is for internal use entry and will not appear on the calendar.
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