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1. Where do I go to find information on Recreation Department programs?
2. How do I sign up for Recreation programs?
3. How do I register to join the pool, golf or tennis?
4. Where can I find my son or daughter's game schedule?
5. How do I reserve a park or school field?
6. How do I reserve a room in the Bauer Community Center at Taylor Park or Gero Park Recreation Center?
7. How do I reserve a tennis court?
8. I have a complaint about litter in the park, a broken playground piece, an unsafe condition or a maintenance problem in a park. What do I do?
9. I have a complaint about a coach, a staff member or an official. What do I do?
10. When will I get paid/reimbursed by the Recreation Department?
11. Do I need a permit to hold a party at a Township park?
12. Who works at the Recreation Department and how do I get hold of them?
13. Who do I call with a Registration or Community Pass (the Recreation Department’s online registration system) question?
14. How do I contact the Pool of Golf Course directly?
15. What are the Pool and Golf course hours of operation and what are the facility rules?
16. How do I know if a Recreation program or field is cancelled/postponed or closed?